The Sunday Review Week Three

It seems that throughout this week we have returned to a semi-normal March. We are back to the cold, the wind and especially the rain. So before your mind completely explodes from the dreariness of the world around you, please take some time to read this weeks edition of the “Sunday Review,” where my sole goal is to entertain and educate!

Stories from March 16 – April 01, 2012.

1. Largest Full Face Transplant A Success

A 36 hour operation  replacing a patients entire face (teeth, both jaws and tongue as well) at R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center was a success and is recorded now as the largest full face transplant. This feat by itself is amazing. The idea that doctors replaced an entire face!

Just to add on to this amazing feat, the anonymous donor not only donated his face but other vital organs that were part of 72 hours of procedures. This donation not only made the full face transplant possible, but also saved five other lives.

It is amazing the power behind medicine, doctors and technology, and this is just one example of that.

To view the full article follow the link:

2. 86-Year-Old Gymnast Performs on the Parallel Bars

I really don’t think that there is much to say for this story. The video speaks for itself. If I have any older readers, just imagine doing this activity. Something that is very simple for a young gymnast, but an old one? Needless to say this is an impressive video.

To view the full article follow the link:

3. Are they Photographs or Drawings?

Drawing by Paul Cadden

The only real way to appreciate this article is to follow the link and view the drawings. They are the work of Paul Cadden, a hyper-realist who uses pencil to recreate photographs. The drawings are absolutely amazing!

To view the full article follow the link:




4. The “Charlie Bit My Finger” Stars

We all knew it was coming. The video that went viral five years back is due for an update! This video takes a look at the boys now and how they and their family is doing.

5. Paralyzed Man Shares First Dance with his Wife

This video, although slightly long, is amazing. It just shows another way that dreams are being made possible through new technology. The story focuses on a man who is paralyzed, and the steps he has been taking to make his first steps. It is a remarkable story!

Well, that is it folks! Last week I was overbearing with the movie trailers and release dates, this week I was overbearing with videos. It just happened this way. I hope that you enjoyed catching up on some of the news from this past week and if you have an suggestions or criticisms just leave a comment down below!

Enjoy the first week of April!


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